Installing Glass Mapper for Sitecore

Xing Liu • 11/7/2014

In order to use Glass Mapper in Visual Studio, make sure you install the following packages in the NuGet manager.  (MVC 5 & Visual Studio 2013)

  • Glass.Mapper
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc.CastleWindsor
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc.Mvc-5
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc.Razor

Installing Glass Mapper

After the installation, you will notice the Glass Mapper creates a data folder with lots of new file references in the project file.  In some cases, you need to remove those file references in your project file to optimize the project performance, or your project will open very slowly. There are two file references in the project file you can keep:

     <Content Include="data\Packages\Glass.Mapper.Sc.Razor.Package.xml" />
     <Content Include="data\Packages\" />

Xing Liu

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