Sitecore 8 Experience Platform Upgrade

Xing Liu • 5/15/2015

Sitecore 8 Experience Platform provides a completely new user interface and whole new set of features.  In order to upgrade to Sitecore 8, there are some major steps you need to consider.

If you are not already on Sitecore 7.5, moving to Sitecore 8 is going to be a “rinse and repeat” operation. The lower your current version, the more iteration you will have to go through. Essentially, in most cases, you will have to move one Sitecore version at a time (e.g., from 6.5 to 6.6, then from 6.6 to 7.0, etc.).

For each installation step, you need to go through the tasks outlined below:

  1. Backup the site and databases – in case something goes wrong in the installation, you can at least restore back to the previous version of the site.
  2. Install update package – use the following URL to install the update package: http://<hostname>/sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx
  3. Update database with pre or post installation SQL scripts – depends on the update version, it is required to run the SQL script to make necessary database schema changes.  Make sure to run the scripts in the ordered instructed.  Some updates have both pre and post installation scripts.
  4. Update configuration files – updates require changes mostly in the web.config.  Some updates also changes search configuration.
  5. Rebuild Search indexes – make sure to rebuild the search indexes because some updates change the search configuration.
  6. Update any modules as necessary – if you have Web Forms for Marketers module, be sure the module version is up to date with corresponding Sitecore version.

Xing Liu

Xing has 5 years of experience with developing web solutions using ASP.NET and SQL Server. For the past 3 years, he has been actively engaged in website development projects using Sitecore CMS. He enjoys creating web solutions for clients using Sitecore CMS and, using its flexibility, provides cohesive and integrated solutions. Xing is a Sitecore Technology MVP, 2016.

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