Sitecore WFFM Permissions for Page Editor

Posted by Xing Liu on 4/24/2015

Web Forms for Marketers(WFFM) is a great module for creating web forms in the Sitecore.   If you have ever encountered a permission error in page editor while inserting form or MVC form, it is probably because you are missing a WFFM role.  WFFM module inserted a new role to the system called “Sitecore Marketer Form Author” after the module installation.  Without this role assigned, users will not be able to insert web forms to their pages from Page Editor.  Here are the steps to enable certain role to use WFFM:

1.  Go to the Role Manager.

2. Select a role and click “Member Of” from ribbon. 

3. Click Add and look for a Role name “sitecore\Sitecore Marketer Form Author”.

select an account

4. After this role is added, the corresponding role will be able to insert web form from Web Forms for Marketers module.

WFFM role


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