Symsoft Event Calendar Module For Sitecore

Xing Liu • 10/10/2014

A calendar module for Sitecore is one of the most requested features in our projects nowadays.  Especially in the government sector, government websites usually have an event calendar for community events or townhall meeting schedules.  Sitecore already has a calendar module in the market place, which is called “Calendar Module”, built by Sitecore’s Kyle Heon and Lilya Markovskaya.  (

After we downloaded this module and used it, I noticed it was built for Sitecore 6.5, while our clients used Sitecore 7.2.  So, we built our own Calendar Module for Sitecore 7 which also supports responsive design.

Below is an example of the Symsoft Event Calendar Module in action:


Because we feel this may be a need for many Sitecore users out there, we have added the module to the Sitecore Marketplace. You can download it for free from:

I encourage you to download, install, and use the module. Also, please feel free to leave feedback for the module in the Marketplace.


Xing Liu

Xing has 5 years of experience with developing web solutions using ASP.NET and SQL Server. For the past 3 years, he has been actively engaged in website development projects using Sitecore CMS. He enjoys creating web solutions for clients using Sitecore CMS and, using its flexibility, provides cohesive and integrated solutions. Xing is a Sitecore Technology MVP, 2016.

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