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Introduction To Microdata

Mark Aplet • 1/5/2015

It’s a good idea to optimize your website for search engines. For most people, search engines provide the primary entry point for website content.


SymSoft New Logo Release

Xing Liu • 12/10/2014

SymSoft has released a revised logo, a mark that reflects, perhaps a little more closely, who we are as a company and partner.


Using GlassCast for Sitecore Items

Bhavik Patel • 11/28/2014

One very useful Glass Mapper method is called GlassCast. This method is essentially used to convert a regular Sitecore.Data.Items.Item into an Glass Mapper object that you have created.


Sitecore WFFM Analytics

Bhavik Patel • 11/7/2014

Sitecore’s Web Form for Marketers module comes with its own analytics, in addition to those provided by Sitecore. You can access those analytics by highlighting a particular form and clicking the ‘Form Reports’ button in the Content Editor ribbon.


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