Multilist with Search Field in Experience Editor

Xing Liu • 11/8/2016

Sitecore Multi List Search

In one of our Sitecore implementations using Sitecore version 8.1 Update-3, we have created a multilist with search field for one of my data templates and it worked fine in the Content Editor.  However, when the field is used in the Experience Editor's Field Editor dialog, the multilist with search field does not function as it should (i.e. no items are available to select and search does not return any results).

After contacting the Sitecore support, this issue was registered as a bug in the current version of 8.1.  I want to share the workaround for the issue below. (Thanks Sitecore support for the great help.  My Sitecore support ticket was responded quickly.) 

Try to modify the file \sitecore\shell\Controls\BucketList\BucketList.js

Sitecore.InitBucketList = function (id, clientId, pageNumber, searchHandlerUrl, filter, databaseUrlParameter, typeToSearchString, of, enableSetStartLocation) {
    . . . .
    /*self.contentLanguage = $('scLanguage').value;*/
    self.contentLanguage = $('ContentEditorForm').lang;
    . . .

Commented out the original and with the next line as the workaround.  I want to share this workaround in case you are working on the Sitecore 8.1 update-3 for your project.  Hope this helps. 

Xing Liu

Xing has 5 years of experience with developing web solutions using ASP.NET and SQL Server. For the past 3 years, he has been actively engaged in website development projects using Sitecore CMS. He enjoys creating web solutions for clients using Sitecore CMS and, using its flexibility, provides cohesive and integrated solutions. Xing is a Sitecore Technology MVP, 2016.

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