Sitecore 8.2 Get mailing list from MailChimp API

Xing Liu • 3/20/2017

Recently, there was a project requirement that needed to get a list of email addresses from a MailChimp account’s existing list.  MailChimp provides a 3.0 API to retrieve the necessary information. You can find the MailChimp API references from the following link:

Furthermore, there is a developed MailChimp API 3.0 wrapper for .Net framework already, which is good for integration with Sitecore project.  It’s available for Nuget package download called MailChimp.Net, which is a MailChimp 3.0 API wrapper developed by Brandon Seydel. With this wrapper, you can easily retrieve the subscribers from a MailChimp list using the calls below:

List<string> emails = new List<string>();
IMailChimpManager mailChimpManager = new MailChimpManager(Settings.GetSetting("MailChimpAPIKey"));
var mailChimpListCollection = mailChimpManager.Members.GetAllAsync(Settings.GetSetting("MailChimpBlogListId")).Result;

The function mailChimpManager.Members.GetAllAsync(ListId).Result returns a list of members from the MailChimp List, which you can retrieve the email from each member and do a bulk email messages operation from this point. 

Xing Liu

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