ARB Website Redesign

After completing the Website Redeisng for the California Air Resources Baord (ARB) Office of Climate Change (OCC), the ARB Office of Information Systems (OIS) engaged SymSoft to redesign the entire ARB Website. SymSoft provided consulting, design and development services to create web template that is compliant with the W3C standards, usability and accessibility standards including the WCAG priority 1 and 2, and ADA section 508 guidelines. In addition to these tasks, SymSoft provided consulting in resolving other web page relevant issues on the ARB website.

SymSoft also analyzed the ARB Inside - ARB's Intranet website and ARB's current business processes related to updating the content. We interviewed the stakeholder to identify the content management needs and based on the information gathered, proposed CMS solution for the ARB Inside to the ARB team and stakeholders. SymSoft created a prototype for the ARB Inside using Drupal CMS.

Technologies Used: