SymSoft New Logo Release

Xing Liu • 12/10/2014

SymSoft Solutions Logo

Some of you might have noticed already – SymSoft has released a revised logo, a mark that reflects, perhaps a little more closely, who we are as a company and partner. SymSoft is committed to connections – we connect creative design and robust technologies, data and content, and most importantly, we connect you to your customers. Our new logo and website reflect this commitment.

We recognize, in today’s connected world, that users expect websites and web solutions to be smart, delivering accurate information in an appropriate context – providing personalized content considering the user’s location, the time of day, or the devices they employ. Digital marketing based on real-time analytics is becoming the norm, along with multi-channel access and integration between public and private data.

As your users’ expectations change and your business needs evolve, SymSoft is ready to assist, connecting users across channels and devices, customizing experience for every user based on their location, navigation history and preferences; engaging users and making more meaningful connections.

This is why SymSoft’s new logo is about connections, connections already made, and new connections being formed – connections which propel us all, connect us, to our future.

Xing Liu

Xing Liu is a Sitecore MVP with expertise in all aspects of ASP.NET and SQL Server development across a variety of industries including Government, Banking, Healthcare and Energy. He provides technical thought leadership and consulting to SymSoft and client development teams. Xing has deep expertise in using Sitecore Helix in an Agile delivery model to streamline the construction of complex Sitecore websites, portals and their associated authoring environments. Xing is also a globally recognized photographer with an Instagram following approaching 100,000.

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