Personalized content based on browsing behavior to create that "Amazon-like" experience with Sitecore

Promoting economic development for The Golden State using Sitecore personalization

SymSoft engineers Sitecore XP to deliver real-time content personalization, at scale

Problem: California businesses needed a convenient, personalized way to find, learn about and take advantage of economic incentives that can provide a nice lift to business results. And, the State needed to a better way to connect businesses to these incentives in order to drive economic growth across The Golden State. It was a huge win-win waiting to happen but they needed a digital experience to connect business to incentives.

Solution: SymSoft used Sitecore to create a new responsive website and deliver personalized content to businesses based on their browsing behavior. Like everything else in California, the solution had to scale to handle the traffic volumes one might expect when dealing with the sixth largest economy in the world. SymSoft engineered a high performance / high availability Sitecore XP solution, integrating the website with back-end data and analytics to drive the personalization engine.

Impact: Business owners can now search for economic opportunities through an easy-to-use Sitecore web portal receiving personalized recommendations based on their browsing history. Business is booming!

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A website to help businesses find economic incentives in California Website Portal Redesign and Sitecore Implementation

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