Choose The Right Chart

Miranda Singler • 12/14/2015


Choose the right chart


When building out data visualizations, choosing and sorting through data can be a big task. But once that’s done, how do you decide the most appropriate visualization for your data? Do you want to show comparisons between multiple data? Or perhaps relationships and trends over time? 


This simple chart guide, created by Dr. Andrew Abela, can aid in your decision making process. The handout maps out suggestions based on whether you want to show a comparison, relationship, distribution, or composition.


Chart Chooser


The next time you’re deciding which type of visualization to create, use this helpful handout as a reference. And remember, whatever chart you choose, let the decision be driven by your data

You can download and print out the handout here:


This handout created by Dr. Andrew Abela and inspired by Gene Zelazny's book, “Say It With Charts.”

Miranda Singler

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