Giving back to the community with Habitat for Humanity

Miranda Singler • 7/10/2017

Habitat for Humanity and Symsoft solutions building a house for a local family

This year, our team wanted to give back to the local community while working outdoors. So we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build a house for a family of five in Sacramento, California.

We turned off our computers, put on an old pair of jeans, and met up with the Habitat for Humanity construction crew at the build site early on a Friday morning. The foundation had been poured, the main beams, stairs, and roof had been nailed. But there was an enormous hole in the front yard, bare boards to be painted, and piles of scrap wood lying around the yard. It was our job to complete these challenges to get the house one step closer to being a home for a family in need.

We spent the morning clearing out piles of scrap wood lying around the yard, and hauled loads of dirt to fill the hole in the front yard. We pulled out conspicuous nails from the roof, and carefully painted the roof trim with primer.

By lunchtime, we were hungry and sweaty, and enjoyed a good lunch with the Habitat for Humanity crew. One of the Habitat team members even brought out a giant Jenga set, which gave us a bit of fun from all of the hard work of the morning. After lunch, we continued smoothing out the earth in the front and back yards, and added a second coat of paint to the boards on the roof.

 Symsoft solution web team using their engineering skills on a giant Jenga set.

The previous record for Jenga was 29 blocks. When we put our engineering minds together, we were able to break the record and stack 30 blocks. – Mark Aplet, Front End Developer

By the end of the day, we had a good sense of camaraderie, and were able to come together as a team in a different way from our typical morning meetings, emails, and code reviews. We made sure that each other had water as the day grew hot. Some members of our team were afraid of heights, but still, they climbed on top of the roof and painted. We learned that some of our teammates had experience with construction work or home repair, and we learned from them. Overall, it was good to come together as a team to work hard, get fresh air, and help a family in our local community.

Habitat for Humanity and Symsoft solutions in Sacramento, California

For more information about Habitat for Humanity and the Team Build Day, please visit

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