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CPUC W3 Award Mockup

We’re excited to have been awarded a Gold at the 2021 W3 Awards for the California Public Utilities Commission website.

With massive volumes of consumer-centered and administrative content, CPUC had challenges meeting their visitor’s needs. On the one hand, CPUC must provide timely support to California ratepayers. On the other, quick access to proceedings and documentation for the regulatory community has been paramount.

SymSoft worked with CPUC to redesign a new web using Sitecore, creating an experience that put California residents’ needs first. The integration of Sitecore XP and Coveo search boosted the findability of content hosted on multiple websites and specialized business applications.

SymSoft is the partner that had the speed we wanted, shared the same values and vision, and had the flexibility to deliver.

Phil Alkap

Chief Technology Officer, CorpNet, Inc.

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