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Improving Employee Experience with a Modern Intranet

Find out how the California Department of Water Resources improved employee efficiency with a redesigned intranet.

We Build High Performance Websites for Enterprises

Website Design / Digital Platforms / Personalization

Your website is your first impression and its importance in your marketing ecosystem has never been greater. To compete, your brand website has to look great, load fast, and deliver personalized content based on real data. We deliver high-performing websites on digital experience platforms and in the cloud, with managed services that let you focus on your customers instead of your website.

Our Services

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Digital Experience

  • Content Management Systems
  • Open Data and Transparency
  • Modern Workplace (Intranet)
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Enterprise and Mobile Applications

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Self-Service Applications
  • Mobile Applications
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User Experience Design

  • Visual Designs
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Usability Studies
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Content Services

  • Content Design and Workshops
  • Search Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Cloud and DevOps

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Development Operations 
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  • Document Remediation
  • Website Remediation
  • Accessibility Training

Our Solutions


We follow our proven approach to understand your needs and build a robust solution, with project management and change management at the core.

Staff Augmentation

We have an experienced team to supplement yours for specific project needs. Our staff can work on-site or remotely.

Managed Services

We can fully manage your web/mobile solutions or applications, including hosting and infrastucture, on-premise or in the cloud.

Delight Your Customers, Inspire Your Teams

High performing websites require high-performing people to bring them to life. We collaborate with stakeholders at every step, from user experience and visual design to content governance and IT. Our responsive web design engages customers on their preferred device and digital experience platforms empower employees across lines of business to deliver personalized content and customer experiences.

Sacramento Water Quality

Designed with the city residents and the scientists in mind, and built upon the city’s preexisting publishing platforms—the data portal features an easy to access latest data and information on the drinking water quality. Sacramento residents and businesses are continuously informed, with minimum overhead required to publish and manage data.

Department of General Services

A newly redesigned major state agency service portal providing information for over 150 services supported by nearly 20 divisions and offices. Key improvements include clearly defined services, advanced search and personalization, user-centric content organization, as well as content that is opened up to diverse audiences.

New from SymSoft

Design Systems for Enterprises (Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices)

Design systems have emerged as a popular tool for organizations in recent years because of their ability to support business goals and communicate brand values by providing a unified and consistent design language to work with. With this integrated set of tools and guidelines, organizations are able to effectively utilize design across the entire product line, making decisions easier, saving more time, and optimizing the end-user experience.

Digital Product Design Tools We ❤

About three years ago, the SymSoft Design team started to design our products and client solutions in an increasingly systematic fashion, looking at the whole map of the interface, rather than individual pages or components. We didn’t know back then that this would become, de facto, the standard way we approach every interaction design project.

Update Contact using FXM javascript API

Federated Experience Manager (FXM) application allows you to add Sitecore content on external non-Sitecore websites and track visitor interactions, generate analytics information as if it was a Sitecore site.

Sitecore 9.X Intranet Login using Azure Active Directory

Summary I am using Sitecore for a Multisite that is already hosting two publicly available sites. We wanted to create a new intranet site using the same instance of Sitecore. Since this is an internal site one of the requirements was to secure all content using Azure...