The California Chamber of Commerce provides businesses with a highly accurate labor law Gen-AI Assistant to address complex legal questions

Case Study: CalChamber Labor Law AI Assistant | Gen-AI-powered Assistant with CMS Integration

As an exclusive, members-only content provider for California labor law, CalChamber needed to provide a next-generation solution for their members to get answers to complex compliance and regulatory questions and needs.


  • Value-added services for members: Member retention and expanding membership base is a key success factor for CalChamber. In order to ensure this, CalChamber has to continuously innovate and provide business and other organizations in California with exclusive services that effectively assist them with their needs. With the evolution of Generative AI and the nature of their, this was a natural next step for CalChamber.
  • Continued member satisfaction: Labor law is a complex topic, especially in California, and allowing members to get quick and accurate answers to their complex legal questions is paramount to CalChamber. Because of the vast amount of legal content available to members, the organization needed to provide a more effective solution for their members as compared to standard website search functionality.
  • Need for a cost-effective Gen-AI solution: Maintaining Gen-AI solutions internally can be cost-prohibitive considering the infrastructure and knowledge required. CalChamber was seeking solutions that were Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), for faster time-to-market, and with continued Gen-AI operational support. 


SymSoft implemented our SaaS AI-Assistant solution for CalChamber. The solution draws knowledge from the large HR California, members-only website, and provides rapid answers for businesses and other entities in California surrounding labor law. Extensive fine-tuning and prompt engineering was performed for the solution to ensure that answers are extremely accurate and focused on enterprise content. Techniques such as Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and sparse search were configured to ensure performance and reliability for the over 100,000 CalChamber members.

Because California labor law is ever-evolving, our Gen-AI solution needed to continually update knowledge. This was performed via a customized connector to CalChamber’s Web Content Management System, allowing for back-end jobs to look for new or modified content and to update Gen-AI knowledge. SymSoft also configured our solution to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) by integrating with MS Dynamics NAV.

With our SaaS solution, CalChamber also has access to reporting and analytics, to see how their members use the Gen-AI product, how they can improve their service delivery, and, most importantly, how legal and editorial staff can fill knowledge gaps for information their members are seeking.


  1. Fast time-to-market: CalChamber was able to deploy our highly-configurable SaaS solution within a few weeks, providing an extremely rapid time-to-market. Their members were able to realize immediate value in the solution, which was integrated directly within the CalChamber HR California website through our JavaScript embed code.
  2. Accurate answers to complex legal questions. With various techniques, such as RAG, sparse search, and prompt engineering, our solution provides accurate answers to a wide range of labor-law-related questions that are asked across a wide array of businesses.
  3. Value for CalChamber Members. While CalChamber already provided powerful search functionality on their website, they now provide an additional, innovative service for their members, which results in better member retention and greater value for membership costs.
  4. Continued Gen-AI Operational Support. Gen-AI solutions are often not “set and forget” solutions, and need to adapt to ever changing content, knowledge, and strategies. With our SaaS solution, CalChamber can rely on SymSoft to provide continuous operational updates to their Gen-AI solution.

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