UX Design Services That Support Your Brand, Messaging Goals & End-User Experience

SymSoft Solutions has worked with leading national organizations and California state agencies to craft user experience design systems which support the needs of users, while also creating a cohesive, consistent experience that supports your brand and style guidelines.

Our tried and tested UX design process starts with learning business objectives and customer needs.

Discovery services include competitor analysis, website and application performance assessment, content inventory and audit, functional inventory, heuristic usability evaluation, analytics review, stakeholder sessions, user interviews, online surveys, benchmarking studies, persona development, and journey mapping.

If this sounds very scientific, this is because it is — we are results-oriented and outcome-driven in our design processes. Identifying the right balance of business outcomes and user satisfaction is achieved by establishing a user experience benchmark at the beginning of the project and validating concepts as we develop design solutions.

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Our visual design systems ensure the perfectly aligned extension of your values, brand, and content for a delightful user experience.

SymSoft Solutions’ designers collaborate with in-house design teams and communication specialists to craft visual user-interface (UI) designs for your websites, dashboards, data portals, mobile and business applications, intranets and extranets, campaign websites and interactive infographics.

We recognize the importance of not only making a good first impression, but every subsequent interaction is just as important if you are to maintain and grow your relationship with your customers, users, and staff. Our design systems include brand-compliant templates, components, pattern libraries, and descriptive style guides that are accessibility compliant, reusable for future digital products and digital marketing campaigns, developer-friendly, easy to follow, and adaptive to different devices and assistive technologies.

Our 15+ years of hands-on experience and painstaking user behavior research have granted us the insight necessary to develop Web and application designs that capture users’ attention, anticipate common needs, and facilitate their journey to their destination.

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SymSoft’s interactive prototyping speeds up website and app development by facilitating collaboration, rapid reviews, and real-time concept improvement.

Prototypes are critical to the development of any website or digital application. Visual design mockups may appeal to the sensibilities and styles of stakeholders. Still, to make it truly delightful to your customers and support users’ objectives, the design should be integrated into the prototype environment that more accurately illustrates interactions, animations, and user flows from screen to screen.

This is why we develop design concepts using modern digital product design software such as Adobe XD, Figma, InVision Studio, and Sketch that facilitate collaboration, design system thinking, and convenient design review and validation.

SymSoft can work with your in-house or third-party development team—or our own development team—to create wireframes, workflows, and full-scale interactive prototypes. With our prototyping know-how, you will be able to gather the feedback and behavioral data necessary to move your project forward while adhering to timelines and budgets.

We design and conduct user research and usability studies that uncover your users’ real-world behavior, habits, and preferences.

Before investing hundreds of hours of development effort into a new website or application, it’s critical that you validate beforehand that the website or application will be useful, usable, and used. SymSoft’s user research services—including user interviews, usability tests, visual preference tests, A/B tests, quantitative surveys, card sort tests, and navigation tree tests—allow you to see first-hand how your users react to design concepts, reducing guesswork and validating assumptions.

But it’s not just a test user’s journey through your product that is important to take note of: we listen to their common habits and challenges with similar systems, we give them access to your site or app, assign them a task, and then pay careful attention to their emotions, facial expressions, body language, and other tells that hint at their deepest feelings about the experience. We encourage them to provide detailed feedback—what they like, what they do not, and how they believe the experience could be improved. In the end, you will have the data necessary for success and the knowledge base to deliver the best possible experience.

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