Introducing the Next Step in Government Service Innovation

SymSoft’s Gen-AI-powered Customer Service solutions are here to redefine how California’s government agencies interact with their constituents and staff. Our smart assistants and chatbots are designed to streamline service delivery, making every interaction smarter, faster, and more personalized. With a solid foundation of 18 years dedicated to public sector enhancement, our expertise in digital solutions sets us apart, ensuring your agency benefits from proven insights and innovative practices.

Why SymSoft's Customer Service Solutions?

Unrivaled Public Sector Insight: Our extensive background in creating intuitive digital experiences for the public sector drives our innovative solutions, offering unparalleled service quality and efficiency.

Cutting-Edge AI for Customized Interactions: Leveraging the latest in AI technology, our smart assistants use your agency’s own data to provide accurate, context-aware responses, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Continuous Learning for Constant Improvement: Our technology adapts and grows smarter with each interaction, significantly reducing maintenance efforts and ensuring your services evolve alongside your constituents’ needs.

Integration Made Easy: Offering 24/7 support, including multilingual capabilities, our solutions fit seamlessly into your current digital platforms, enriching your service delivery with personalized, accessible assistance whenever it’s needed.

Focused on Outcomes

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The Impact of Choosing our Gen-AI-Powered Chatbots/Assistants

Opting for our solution means not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of your constituents and staff. We tackle the essential challenges of improving user experience, operational efficiency, and effective knowledge management head-on. Overall, you’ll provide a service that’s always available, highly personalized, and incredibly intuitive.

A Track Record of Success Across Government Services

Our work spans various domains, demonstrating our capability to enhance areas such as human resources, legal support, and more with AI. By employing advanced techniques like semantic search and retrieval-augmented generation, we ensure that our chatbots and assistants remain at the forefront of technology, ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Embrace the Evolution of Government Services

Choosing our chatbot/assistant solutions means partnering with a leader in government service innovation. Let’s work together to build a future where California government agencies set the standard for digital interaction and service excellence. With this solution, you’re not just adapting to change; you’re leading it.

Product Features

Gen-AI Focused

Our key differentiator is our highly configurable Gen-AI chatbots and assistants. We have options for different models, customizable RAG, and the ability to tailor the overall solutions to the specific needs of our customers.


We have the ability to cater to a variety of customer service channels that include telephony, website chat, e-mail, and social channels. Customer service representatives can respond to inquiries from a common user interface.


Chatbot for Customer Self-Service

The power of Gen-AI responses to assist your customers in getting quick and accurate answers to complex questions. Chat flows are configurable, with personalization, multi-lingual support, and ability for live-agent transfer.

Agent Software

For chat sessions, calls, or e-mails received by agents, our Agent Software provides in-context Gen-AI assistance. Additional features include chat supervision, schedules and routing, and CRM/ticketing system integrations.

Knowledgebase Integrations

To draw knowledge for Gen-AI responses, our solution integrates with knowledgebase software, document management systems, storage services, websites, and organizational knowledge (databases, APIs).

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting provides greater insight into customer service operations, ensuring maximum productivity. We measure key criteria such as Average Handling Time, First Call Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, and more.

Relevant Case Studies

CAL FIRE Job Assistant

CAL FIRE’s Job Assistant provides applicants with quick information on how to apply for jobs at the organization, providing answers at any time, including when CAL FIRE agents are not available.

"Ask Blue" Employee AI Assistant

DWR’s “Ask Blue” AI Assistant provides employees with Gen-AI-powered answers from a large amount of internal organizational knowledge, allowing them to be more effective in their day-to-day jobs.

CalChamber Labor Law AI Assistant

As an exclusive content provider for California labor law, CalChamber implemented an AI assistant for their members to get answers to complex compliance and regulatory questions.

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