Sitecore A/B and Multivariate testing can help content authors improve their web content by performing a statistical analysis based on the data captured by Sitecore Analytics. Results obtained from Content testing can help better organize web content as well as improve the overall customer experience.

The following steps can be used to configure testing in Sitecore assuming there is a workflow implemented.

1. In the Content Editor, navigate to the Workflow section. (I have used the Default sample workflow from Sitecore as an example) 

2. Right-Click on the Workflow state on which you want to configure the Test action and Insert a new Command action. A good practice is to select a Workflow state which is just before the ‘content approved’ state.

In the example below, we have decided to add the Test action ‘Approve with Test’ on the Awaiting Approval state in the workflow

Make sure the ‘Next State’ field in the newly added Command is configured to complete the workflow path.

3. Right-click on the newly added command action. Select the ‘Insert from template’ option and locate the ‘Launch Create Test Dialogue Action’ in the following Sitecore path:

/sitecore/templates/System/Content Testing/Workflow/Launch Create Test Dialog Action

4. You are all Set! From the Experience editor whenever a new content is created and the content is submitted for approval, you will see a new action button to Approve with Test

5. When the ‘Test’ action is clicked, Sitecore opens a dialogue which enables to select the test criteria for testing.

In my next Blog, I will explain some of the Testing strategies in Sitecore and their significance in Content testing. Happy Testing!