We use Rendering Parameters a whole lot in our implementations, because we like to follow the idea of separation of content and presentation. Basically, content is content, and visual options for displaying that content shouldn’t be kept with the content (i.e. fields in the associated Data Template), but in the Rendering Parameters of the component that will display that content.

So, if you use a lot of Sitecore components (renderings) on your page, you’ll immediately notice that opening the Component Properties dialog will scroll the page all the way to the top. That’s fine if your page is a short one, but if it’s lengthy, you’ll find yourself scrolling back down to your component constantly. Soon after, you’ll find out that mouse scroll wheels do have a finite lifespan.

After fiddling with some JavaScript, I found that with some simple changes to the “Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\Page Modes\ChromeControls.js” file, you could prevent the scrolling to the top. Find the line in the file that looks like this:

if (command.click.indexOf("chrome:rendering:sort") > -1) {

Then, comment out the “if” condition (and associated braces). After clearing your browser cache (because JavaScript files are often cached by browsers), all should be good. Your mouse scroll wheel will thank you.

Please bear in mind that we’re changing a core Sitecore file, and that’s generally considered a no-no. Consider that before making this change and be aware that upgrades and such may override these changes.

UPDATE: I contacted Sitecore Support about this too and they provided an alternative solution that would likely cover other dialogs as well. Their suggestion is to replace all instances of “#” in the “Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\Page Modes\ChromeControls.js” file with “#!”. I haven’t given it a try because the solution I have above worked for the dialog I most cared about, but it will likely work if you’re encountering the same issue with other dialogs.