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where are the jobs

US Department of Labor

Taking Big Data to Every Job in America

SymSoft transformed the complex occupational data into an engaging interactive tool that provides quick and easy access to career information across the US. The users can explore the salaries, number of jobs, related industries and occupations at national, state and regional levels. The users find the information presented in easy to navigate visualization helpful in deciding new career paths, relocating to new places or retraining in new skills. The application is based on Occupational employment statistics data from US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The application won numerous awards and recognitions.

Visit:  where-are-the-jobs?

Placer Website

Placer County

Timely Updates - Optimized Outreach

The Placer County’s new website fuses an engaging design with the rich interactive features into a robust CMS, allowing site administration to update content effortlessly and communicate quickly. The website is designed with a user-centric focus, providing users the right content in the right context. It provides responsive design allowing users to get the “full” experience of the website independent of the device or browser they are using to view the site. The project also included creating innovative elements such as interactive mapping and calendaring to satisfy county business requirements.



California State Controller's Office

Open Data, Accountable Government is an excellent example of improved government transparency to build public trust and to promote active democracy through open data and rich business intelligence functionality. Built for the California State Controller's Office, the solution provides an engaging user interface to search and browse public employee compensation (wages and benefits) through interactive charts, maps, graphs, and tables. Users can create their own customized reports, and download and share them on social media sites. Under the hood, the system consolidates salary and compensation numbers for more than 1.5 million positions from California cities, counties, special districts, higher education institutions, and state departments. The data is curated and optimized for high-performance visualization and rewarding user experience.



California Energy Commission

Increasing efficiencies, Reducing cost

The California Energy Commission’s e-Filing system streamlines power plant licensing, saving both time and money and promoting openness and accountability. The system allows companies to file their application to build power plants in the state of California online. The process involves submitting a large number of documents and a complex process of review, hearings and public comments. The system improves the organization and management of case documents, provides automated workflows for review and approval, and utilizes web-based commenting system for public participation. The approved documents are automatically published on the energy commission's website. The system demonstrates enterprise-scale document management, case management, and records management capabilities accomplished through an efficient and functional user interface.

Visit: e-filing and e-commenting at the California Energy Commission

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